Happy Customer Liberated From Her Toxic Caterpillars.

We’ve just received a review from the lovely lady who called us to sort her caterpillars out.
“We had an experience with a caterpillar nest in our tree in the back garden ,something that not a lot of people knew how to handle , however Richard was very helpful and came to see us right away the same day I called! Thankyou again for treating our tree and for the quick and officiant service you gave.”
The caterpillars were safely removed, relocated and re-housed in a woodland area.
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Caterpillar Plague Hits Luton

The much reported plague of caterpillars that are affecting asthma sufferers and causing adverse effects in those unaffected has hit luton. These pictures taken of multiple ‘nests’ in one single free in Bushmead by one of our technicians today shows how big the problem is.
Please protect your family and pets. If you have any questions or doubts, please call us on 07751 255 294. We will be happy to advise or provide treatment.